Ecology and Democracy

Freya Mathews

Published 1996
Routledge (UK)
Politics/Current Events
244 pages

ISBN 0 714  64252 5

What is the optimal political framework for environmental reform on a scale commensurate with the global ecological crisis? In particular, how adequate are liberal forms of parliamentary democracy to the challenge posed by this crisis? These are the questions pondered by the contributors to this volume. Exploration of the possibilities of democracy gives rise to certain common themes. These are the relation between ecological morality and political structures or procedures and the question of the structure of decision-making and distribution of information in political systems. The idea of 'democracy without traditional boundaries' is discussed as a key both to environmentalism in an age of global ecology and to the revitalisation of democracy itself in a world of increasingly protean constituencies and mutable boundaries.

Ecology and Democracy, Frank Cass, London, 1996


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