The Ecological Self

Freya Mathews
Routledge, 1991

ISBN 0 415 05252 1 (hbk)
ISBN 0 415 10797 0 (pbk)

How can a ecological view of the world change our understanding of nature and the human self?

What are the metaphysical foundations of such a view of the world, and what are its implications for the environment movement?

This is the first book-length treatment of the metaphysical foundations of ecological ethics. The author seeks to provide a metaphysical illumination of the fundamental intuitions that we are in some sense 'one with' nature and that everything is connected with everything else. Drawing on contemporary cosmology, systems theory and the history of philosophy, Freya Mathews elaborates a new metaphysics of 'interconnectedness'. She offers an inspiring vision of the spiritual implications of ecology, which leads to a deepening of our conception of 'conservation'.

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